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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Note:I am writing this story in the perspective of the Titanic Captain Edward Smith. He wrote a note before he was killed in this disastrous event and it was uncovered. (not really what happened but this is my point of view)

Dear Whoever may be reading this,

I am Captain Smith that was the driver of the ship. I did the best that I could and am very well known to be a great captain. Which, I truly am. It was not all me why the Titanic is now currently sinking.

The builders of this ship could have done a better job and not have gone with the iron bolts for the bow of the ship, making the bow a little bit more weaker than the rest of the ship. They should've tried to make a luxurious ship that could withstand running into something, that would've made the ship completely unsinkable. The builders also should've left all of the life boats on and not think that it ruined the appearance of the ship. The boats did not make the ship look cluttered, it made the ship look like that it could save everyone and not just a few.

I also would like to put some of the blame on the ship inspectors. What kind of company lets an outdated inspection happen? I know for one thing that they should've had updated regulations. If the regulations were updated there would be enough life boats on the ship to save everyone that is on the ship. The British inspectors should have kept up to date information on the safety. People shouldn't of thought that this ship was unsinkable. The ship obviously isn't 100% unsinkable. If it wasn't for that mentality there would also be more life boats on this ship right now, and I wouldn't be writing this letter. I would become a survivor.

I do take pride in being able to sail a ship like the Titanic. I am not very happy with the fact that I will not be a survivor because there isn't enough life boats. I don't want people to think that I was the reason for this ship to sink. Just now I found out that my radio operator knew about the ice bergs. He thought that it was way more important to pass along the first class people stories. He didn't give me the ice berg news until it was too late. I did my best. How was I suppose to know that there were ice bergs in the are when I never got the message?

The ships disaster wasn't all me. I wasn't the one who took the life boats off the boat. I wasn't the one who said that the boat was unsinkable. I also wasn't the person who knew that the ice bergs were near and that we were in their path. If I would've known that there were ice bergs around I would've slowed down and I would've went a different path. Notice I have said would've quite a bit,if I would've known about all of this stuff I certainly wouldn't be writing this letter right now. I just want you to know that it was not me that it was not me that caused the Titanic to sink.

I was just the one who read the messages and the one who steered the ship. I didn't know about the ice bergs and when I was aware of the ice berg it was too late. I tried to steer away from the ship causing the Titanic to be hit from the side.

I love my family and friends. I want them to remember me as a very good person. I wasn't the cause for the Titanic to sink. I did my job to fullest and the best that I knew how. The regulations should've been updated. I should've got the messages about the bergs earlier. I truly did my best.


Captain Edward Smith

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