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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Picture taking!

In journalism class we are learning about taking pictures and some of the rules that you should think about when you are taking a picture. We had to take 12 pictures and then put them into a slide show. Along with the pictures we had to add a caption to them.
This picture to the left is picture of a water tower that is by my house. I took this picture to fit in the category of framing. The trees around that water tower is acting a frame around it.

In the picture to the right is
a picture of a rock that
I found in my drive way.
I figured that this picture would be a good picture of being on the same level
as the object.

In this picture you see my dog, Shilo. She is looking as her owners arrive home, waiting to greet them! This picture I figured would fit into the catagory of the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is where you split the picture into a tic-tac board layout and then you have your object any where in your picture just not in the middle of center of the picture.

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