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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A New Freshman Hitting the Halls!

There is one new freshman who is quite excited to be hitting the high school halls. This young lady is 8th grader Hannah Feten. Hannah is not too worried about high school, other than just going on that first day.
Feten is really excited to get new teachers and new laptops. "I am in volleyball and band and I want to stay in it through high school," said Feten. She also has a few plans to do some new things in high school. "I want to be in theater," said Feten. She mentioned also possibly taking a few new classes such as: journalism, shop, and Spanish. Hannah is also going to miss some things about middle school like anyone usually does with a new change. She said she is going to miss knowing everyone like she does in middle school. Personally, I think being in a small school the way it is, she doesn't have too much to worry about. Above is a picture of Hannah.

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