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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Golf and Track

What is the best thing about track and golf do you think? Personally, I think the best thing about golf is being able to meet new people and hang out with them and get to know them while you are with them 24/7 for 6 hours straight. Sophomore Jacob Brandt said the best thing about track is the actual track meets when him and a few others get together and play hackie sack and mess around and just have fun. Track and golf are two way different sports, in one you have to run around a circle and in the other you have to hit a ball into the hole. They both seem really easy but both of them are really hard and it takes work to get good at. Golf is more of a mental game and track is a physical game. You have to be a positive person to be able to keep your head high in golf, and in track you have to be able to tell yourself to just sprint the last 100meters and you can do it.

Many people argue about weather golf and track are really sports. I think that those people are really wrong, I think that they are just too lazy to go out for either of them and do not want to prove it to everyone that they can not do it, and more importantly they do not want to prove to themselves they can not do it.

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