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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Photography Skills

The pictures shown above were taken for a photography project we're working on in my journalism class. We had to take a total of twelve pictures and make a powerpoint to show the class and explain which rule of photography it follows. I went on a little nature walk with my friend Phoebe to take my pictures and these were the three that I liked the best and followed the rules.
The left is a picture of Phoebe playing with rocks by the lake. It follows the viewpoint rules we've learned. She was sitting on the ground, so instead of standing to take a picture I got down and found a good angle to take an interesting picture.
The middle picture may not look very interesting, but it follows spacing rules, and a little bit of the rule of thirds. The tree looked cool to me and putting it off to the side made it more appealing than if I'd put it in the center of the frame.
The last picture was my action/sports picture. There were no sporting events that day, and for this reason I caught Phoebe jumping midair. The tractor in the background isn't exactly great, but I like her shoes in the bottom on the picture. I think it's really good and not blurry.

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