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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And it's all over

It's now the end of journalism and its been a fun ride. There isn't a whole lot that I would change but I suppose there are a couple of things. I think I would change podcasting. The reason for this would be because I don't think our casts were perfect, nothing is right at the beginning. I think we should have done it more and figured out how to make the voice clearer and easier to hear. I think we should have let more people hear, or told more people to go listen to it to give us their feedback. Another thing I may have changed was how we graded our rough drafts. We should grade them and make sure that everyone read all the stories. I realize that would take a lot of time, but this way you would get a wide range of opinions and you could make the stories even better. Even though I know this class probably won't be writing in the paper anymore, it would be a suggestion if you were. Another thing that I might change is how jobs are distributed. I think that everyone should have written a story and blogged. That way everyone was doing the same jobs throughout the year. Overall this class was really fun, and I can't think of anything else I would want to change.

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