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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Another day to work in class is what the 10th grade comp/speech class was given again today. Students were able to work on anything in class to finish up on their projects. The stories they all read were short stories so they did not take a long time to read, but the school year is running out and they would not have time to finish them all before the year is done. Mrs. Walder decided to have her students teach the stories back to their classmates instead so they can hear about each story, even though they will not read all these stories they will just get the basic knowledge of the story. Their are some groups that are already done with their projects and ready to present. If time is used wisely students should not have any reason to not be done on the days they are supposed to present. My partner and I did not do much out of class except start the questions and finish the vocab. so therefore we still had quite a bit to finish up and we got it all done on Monday's workday. Stay on task and time should not be an issue when trying to get this project done. Finishing up all their presentations and they will start presenting tomorrow in class. Picture on the right is a group working (L to R: Wyatt Feten and Dannika VandeBrake. Picture on the left (L to R: Andrew Buchholtz, Erik Wallert, and Carrie Volzke.

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