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Monday, April 11, 2011

My ACT Experience

The hype of preparing for the ACT's is over now for students who have taken the test this past weekend. To be honest, I was never too concerned about taking the ACT's because I like taking those kinds of tests. Like the fill in the bubble tests are my favorite except when they start making patterns because I think I got some answers wrong. I was all calm, cool, and collected until the guy shut the door and we got down to business. I think it was just my breakfast getting to me because I knew I wasn't nervous.
The English section was up first and it was a piece of cake! I was most worried about the math section, but that flew by with flying colors. Reading was easy and then came the hard part. Of course they would save science, or my hardest subject, for last! Get me all confident and then crush my heart! I'm still pretty confident about my scores, but I guess we'll have to wait three to eight weeks to know for sure!

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