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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who is going to win March Madness? Well, my thoughts are that Kentucky is going to go all the way and come out with two more wins. I think that number twelve, Brandon Knight, is one of their best players on their team. When they were playing North Carolina he hit three pointers every time when the momentum was switching to UNC. He is not a hot head where he looses his temper. A simple lay-up of his lead Kentucky to defeat Princeton.

Another one of their best players is Terrence Jones. He helped out Kentucky by adding rebounds to their statistics. Both Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight were named freshman all-america this year. Knight leads the team by averaging about 17.7 points per game followed by Jones with 17.1 Knight had twelve games where he scored over twenty points. I think that with these two all america players Kentucky can come out and finish the tournament with a win. I know I said that Kentucky would lose in the final four but I changed my mind and I think they will be winners. I think that they are a good team and have a really good chance at winning!

But i guess i was wrong and the picture above shows UConn beating Kentucky!

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