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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opinion anyone?

Mr. Matt Rosdahl predicts for VCU and UK to be competing in the championship game. He also said that VCU will be winning the title and taking home their first ever National Championship Title. Gage Schake and Zachary Toben are going against what Mr. Rosdahl says and they are going for UCONN all the way. With just me asking a few guys around the classroom of who they think will win a huge controversy was underway. Back and forth these boys started. Not many have faith in Butlter, but Curt Boeke is saying they will win. I do think Curt was saying this to get an arouse out of the other guys and see how opinionated they really are about just this one topic. Keith Konold has no say, but he did have Ohio State chose in his bracket to win, but unfortunately they did not make it near as far as these last four teams in the final four. So who do you think will win this National Title?

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