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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When's the Best Time to Take ACT's?

Not all of my classmates decided to take the ACT's on the last test date, but there are very understandable reasons for their decisions. Junior Taylor Gould decided against taking the test in April, but opting for next year instead. "I didn't think I was ready and mentally prepared for this kind of a test," said Gould. Taylor also said she wants to get more classes under her belt before she went for it. "I think getting more math and science experience would help me with the harder questions on the test," said Gould. All in all, Taylor just felt like she wanted to be more prepared, so she doesn't get a bad score and have to take it more than she has too.
I read this blog about how to prepare and how to decide when you're ready to take the ACT's. To get to the post click here.

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