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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prom Preview:Take three!

Now on to the department of dresses for prom. Is it hard to find "the perfect prom dress?" For Paige TeGantvoort and I'm sure many others it was a difficult task. Paige said, "It was hard committing to one dress." The final decision in getting a prom dress seems like it is the biggest deal because this is the item that most people will be looking at and of course the ladies want it to be the latest, in style dress. TeGantvoort decided to go with a hot pink strapless little number, with rhinestone trim and a ruched side drape. Sounds Cute! Along with finding the perfect dress girls have to find jewelry and shoes to match perfectly with the dress. Even the way they style their hair has to be perfect. To get some helpful hints for next years prom or even this years prom click on PROM, here you can get some help with the most difficult part of the prom experience.

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