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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesdays Turkish Plays

In this picture you see (L to R) Kylie doing her script with the help from Dannika.

In this picture you see (L to R) Martha and Heather presenting their piece.

In this picture group member (L to R) Maci and Erik are reading their play.

Sense we started this lesson in comp/speech about Turkish puppet plays we have wrote a practice script and today, April 26th,2011, we got to present them. When we were writing them we learned how to write a script the right way. Some of the things that we learned that we should have when writing a script is: title, character list, stage directions, description of the scene that they are at. A good thing that we learned about script writing is that you dont have to have quotations in the writing when you are writing the script. The reason that you don't need to have quotes around the persons words is because you put the name of the person talking followed by a colon before you write what they are saying. The stories were very well writing and some of them were really funny!

This photo shows the group with (L to R) Keith and Curt preforming their act.

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