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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not Ready for Change!

Some people do not like change at all and some people just aren't ready for it. Well, 8th grader Jade Matthiesen is one of those people who isn't ready for a change. Being an 8th grader, she moves on to high school next year as a freshman. To help her and the rest of the class get ready and prepared, there is a night called freshman orientation.
Matthiesen is kind of excited for high school but she is just so used to the middle school teachers that she isn't ready for those new teachers. "I will miss the smallness of the classes," said Matthiesen. One thing she is scared about is the classes but she is excited for the new laptops. As for classes, Jade has a few she wants to take in her high school career such as: spanish, industrial arts, and art. She was in chorus this year and has decided to stick with that in high school. As for extra curriculars, Matthiesen hasn't yet decided if she wants to join a club or anything but she might do cheerleading her sophomore year. One thing she is certain on though is being in oral interp and debate. Well, I'm sure she will do just great in high school next year. Above is a picture of 8th grader Jade Matthiesen.

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