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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teen Tragedy in Florida

It seems like there hasn't been a lot of happy stories coming off the press this week, and today is no exception. To make the story a little better, six people were arrested after shooting and burning a teenage boy to death in Florida. It's reported that on Sunday, fifteen-year old Seath Jackson was lured by two females in the group and was beaten with a wooden object upon arrival. When Seath attempted to escape, he was shot again and placed in a sleeping bag and burned in a fire pit outside the home. His ashes were then placed in paint cans and put in the trash. Four adults and two minors have been charged with the death. Most of the culprits were around the age of 18 or 20, but there was also a thirty-four year old man involved.
I think that this is just disgusting. Reasonings for the murder were stemming from an argument and growing hatred between Seath and someone. I can't even imagine standing by and watching someone being burned alive until they die and then just throwing away their remains like that. How someone could be so insensitive and emotionless blows my mind. I think that the minors need to be fairly punished the same as the adults. The people standing by and watching need to be punished heavily also. I have a feeling life in prison just may not cut this one.
The picture about from CNN News is outside of the house when the murder occurred.

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