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Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer Expectations

Summer is rolling around the corner and all parents are wanting their kids to find jobs for this summer. Many students have found jobs but some are still looking. Sophomore Haley Donahue is working at DJO, she was looking for a job for a month or so and was undecided until her family helped her find this job. She wanted to do a job where she had a flexible schedule and DJO is the best place she found. Summer is not all about working; Haley is looking forward to hanging out with her friends and having a fun summer. DJO is the same thing as Empi and it is located at the same place as Empi was.
Many students do not see the point in working in the summer because all they see is that it is wasting their time and it is boring. Many students think that their parents are nuts and they do not see any point. People need to realize that you need money to survive in the real world out on your own.

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