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Monday, April 18, 2011

Helping Hands in NHS

Deuel High School has many clubs. We have key club, art club and national honors society that all help out in the community. Key Club rings the bell during the winter, helps with mini main street, serves food at banquets and host a carnival for kids to raise money all for the community plus many more activites. Art Club donates gifts to the sharing tree, sells dirt cup for halloween and paints windows for rodeo and homecoming. National Honors Society goes to the Good Samaritan twice a month to bowl with our elders, helps with pumpkin carving around the Halloween time of the year, daffodil days, and the homecoming parade. Plus every member is encouraged to participate in the community individually.
To the right is a picture of Caitlyn Brandt and Alyssa Becht helping out an elementary
student with her pumpkin to carve.Here is a link to another blog about another school's NHS organization and how they help out in their community. They have a pretty neat idea on how to raise some money!

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