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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Projects in American Lit!

Yesterday, we got the big announcement of our projects for the book we read called Of Mice and Men in American Lit. It seems like it could be fairly simple to accomplish as long as you have good ideas. We have to do a total of 100 points and there are seven projects to choose from. There is only one project that is worth 100 points and all the rest are worth 50 points. The 100 point project is writing a research paper on a specific aspect of the 1930's. In the research paper, you need to document it correctly and include a works cited page. The other projects include writing except one which you draw a scene from the story. Some of the writing projects are a news article, writing about the theme of the book, writing a song or poem, writing about one character and what they fear, and writing a letter of recommendation for one of the characters. The projects are all due Thursday and you have to present one of your projects to the class.

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