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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of the Best

Today, Erin B. and Alex presented their short story. Their story was The Leap. After they presented, they gave us a matching worksheet to do about the story.
I thought that this story was very good. I understood it very well and it was easy to comprehend. It was about a married couple that were in trapeze acts, until lightning struck the tent they were performing in, killing the husband and sending the wife to the hospital. In the hospital, the wife, Anna, now meets a new husband and has a child with him. One day, the couple is out of their house and they have a babysitter watch their child. While gone, a fire starts and the daughter gets trapped in her room. Then the mom climbs up a tree and saves her daughter from the room. This story had a lot of sad things that happened in it, but I really enjoyed it.
I found a blog that really helped me to understand the story better. It told me more about the main characters and what each one of them did.

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