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Monday, April 25, 2011

New Faces in the High School Next Year!

Every year some new faces hit the halls in high school and this coming year is no different. Freshman orientation is right around the corner for that 8th grade class in middle school. The big day is May 2nd. The good thing for these students is there is no change of building or anything. Camie Hudson is one of those students moving on to scary halls of high school. "I'm not excited about anything in high school, because there is too many people I don't know," said Hudson. There are a few thing Hudson is excited for which is to choose her own classes, have homeroom every day, and switch to bigger computers. For electives, Hudson plans on taking shop and ag. Hudson plans on sticking with chorus and volleyball into her high school years. There are also a few things she is going to miss about middle school and not miss. "I'm definitely going to miss the teachers," said Hudson. One thing she won't miss is the middle school kids. Overall, Hudson is ok with moving up.
Above is a picture of 8th grader Camie Hudson.

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