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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Music and Song

  Today for the musical we had practice in chorus. Normally we do this to learn the moves and keep them inside our heads. I think we are getting closer and getting better with each practice. There is a saying though. Practice makes permanent. It's like practice makes perfect, but it makes more since. The saying means that if you practice what you do right, of how say the director asks it turns out. That is our goal, to make it as close to right as possible. There is more in store for us tomorrow. We have to really improve tomorrow so we don't have to come in early on Friday, so I hope we really do well. We are still having trouble on the opening song, but it shows that we are improving. After all the more we as the cast improves the better opening night. Or directors may not be Andrew Lloyd Webber, but the are still doing everything that they can to make this show a good one, which reminds me of a blog that I read. It was called 5 Factors Musicals Are Now Common. The blog was about how musical theatre becoming more popular. Then it gave a few examples of directors. 

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