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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Big Time!

These last couple years things are getting bigger and better! Everyone knows or if not knows now that there are cupcake makers that are sold to make a cupcake 25x bigger its original size, this is called the big top cup cake. For years and years everyone eats three or so cupcakes after they are out of the oven and frosted but with a big top cupcake you are guaranteed to get deliciously filled up. It is such a great thing hearing about cupcakes that are jumbo sized, that is not the only thing that is jumbo now though. There are now cookies you can make that are giant cake sized along with big top doughnuts. All you have to do is use whatever you want to make them and you are able to feed you family and friends off of just one. I have eaten a big top cupcake and my next goals are to eat a big doughnut and cookie. I will indeed get back to you with the results of how these jumbo goodies turn out!

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