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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Almost There

With Graduation Day at Deuel High School approaching fast, seniors are overwhelmed with duties that have to get done. Being a senior is pretty stressful, I'd say this has been my most stressful year yet!
When we first began our senior year, we were introduced to the Senior Experience Project, which just concluded on April 4th. Having to work on that progressively throughout the year was an additive to this senior class's schedule. The senior term paper also occupied a lot of the senior's time in January and February. Scholarships were also introduced to the seniors and were due in March, this kept the students busy. On top of it all, the seniors had to or still have to make a huge decision for their future, where they will continue their secondary education. Touring colleges and vocational schools, browsing the internet for information, and applying to their school was another time consuming endeavor seniors had to accomplish. With prom coming up this week, it will be the last hoorah for seniors and then before we know it we'll be sitting on the stage, receiving our diplomas.
This year has went by faster than other year, however. So when people say it goes by fast, they mean it, because it really does! With everything that comes along with being a senior there is no time for slacking!

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