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Monday, April 25, 2011

26 Days and Counting!

This is it everyone, only 26 more days until graduation. Deuel High School will be losing 45 seniors on May 21st, 2011. The senior class is onto bigger and better things than just being stuck in their same old home town of Clear Lake, South Dakota or a town somewhere near by. There are always the little things that every senior has to do during their last year. First goal and the most important one is to pass the 12th grade. I would think that after you completed that a lot of stress will be off your shoulders. But then again more will be on for the graduation and it's party to follow. There's the cake, invitations, and cleaning the house to have it spotless to host all your guests. Most people go with the Deuel school colors, red and black, for their decorations. But some of the girls are changing it up this year with showing their own style with fun and exciting colors/designs. Can't wait to see all of it, and especially the cakes!

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