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Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 summer plans!

Some of the sophomore boys have a few plans of their own for this summer! Andy Buchholtz plans to get a job so that he can make a few extra bucks. That is probably for the GMC Jimmy (click to see what it is) that he plans to buy this summer. He plans to spend sometime out side while he is in Yankton and Lewis and Clark Lake. Andy will be camping there with a few people. On some night Andy plans to get his groove on and go out and party! Erik Wallert's plans are a little different then Buchholtz. Erik will be moving this summer and he is going to moving some stuff to his house in Minnesota. For Thatcher Koenecke he is planning to spend some time this summer doing sports. He is going be soaking up some some while playing some golf. Like a lot of the boys in Clear Lake Thatcher plans to play some baseball this summer. Looks like those three friends have some different plans!

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