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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vacation with Dad

Last winter I took a trip to Texas with my dad. My dad is a beekeeper and he takes his bees down there during the rough South Dakota winters. We started our trip early in the morning. We had to load up the truck and then we were off. It took us two days to drive down. Along the way my dad would stop and show me all his favorite truck stops. Once we arrived in Centerville we checked into the Fiesta Motel. My dad has always stayed at the Fiesta and I got to me Mrs. Hilda. I got to meet all the people that my dad talks about from down in Texas. While we were down in Texas I was put to work. I had to place pieces of wood in the bee hives. Im not really sure why, I think my dad gave me that job so I wasn't in the way. After we unloaded the semi and moved all the bees to their yards we headed on back to South Dakota.

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