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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st Season Down, Hopefully More to Come!

Every Tuesday night on MTV at 9 and 11 you would be watching Teen Mom 2 if you tuned in to watch. But on April 8th that won't be the case anymore. Teen Mom 2 finished it's first season this week with an hour and a half long season finale episode. Viewers and fans saw what happened between Kailyn and Jo with their custody battle with their son Isaac, how Jenelle messes up again and this time ends up in jail, with Chelsea's baby girl, Aubree's first birthday and more drama with Adam, her ex, and finally see Leah and Corey come together as one at their wedding. It was a good episode, wish I could've watched more of it but surely not the most exciting episode of the whole season. My favorite teen moms on the show are Chelsea and Leah. They are both great moms and know how to be their for their girls. Leah even has twin girls and they are too cute! I love their names too, Alihannah and Aleeh. I think I like to watch Chelsea is because she lives in South Dakota and I think she is really pretty. Kailyn is a good mom as well but her and Jo fight too much and I just hate watching it, plus her life isn't as exciting. Then there was Jenelle, she has messed up so many times I just don't even feel bad anymore and she isn't ever around for her baby Jace. I'm hoping for another season to watch these girls and their kids grow.

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