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Sunday, March 27, 2011

America's Next Top Model

Today I watched America's Next Top Model pretty much ALL day! When it's on, it's usually on all day long because it plays the whole cycle. I like to watch it because of all the fun and crazy photo shoots that they do. I like to see what each judge has to say about each picture because a lot of times they don't even agree. I wish I could wear some of the extravagant outfits that they get to wear and all of the insane make-up that they get to put on. America's Next Top Model is good because they accept people of all sizes and races.
It would be so hard to have to live with all of those women in one house for so long. It's no wonder there are always cat-fights in the houses. Some of the girls that they have on the show are absolutely crazy and I have no idea how they got onto the show.

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