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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time is running out

Teams are getting closer and closer to the next round of the tournament. These last four teams are practicing hard and trying to work on all the things they possibly can to be ready to beat their opponent. No one knows who will win, anyone can be moving to that National Championship game. Practices are getting tough and they are digging to find the drive to get to that next game and finish till the end. Odds and statistics will not determine who will win, these teams are close and it means nothing, the only stats that matter are the stats from this next game that gets them to the last game. Not just any team gets to this place, the teams that get here make effort, strive to be better, and have complete dedication. I do not think any of these teams would be here or even in the bracket if they didn't have these things. All these teams in this bracket wanted to be in it, but not all had what it takes to get to this point, I think they are doing great and they have made it a long ways. Sports announcers always say what they think the game will play out to be, but they are making and stating their own opinion by recent statistics. Like I said above it means nothing from previous stats.

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