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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mama Drama

From L to R: Kailyn, Jenelle, Leah, and Chelsea.

On Tuesday night, I watched Teen Mom 2. This season the moms are Chelsea, Kailyn, Leah, and Jenelle. My favorite mom on the show this season is Chelsea, I think her daughter Aubree is extremely cute! She is having a lot of trouble with Aubree's dad, Adam because he isn't around a lot and he isn't paying child support. I also like Leah because she is a very good mom considering she has twins, Aliannah and Aleeah. Leah is also the only girl that is still with her children's father. She and her husband Corey have already gotten married.
I'm not a huge fan of Kailyn or Jenelle. Kailyn is doing a good job raising her son Isaac, but she is always in fights with his father Jo. In this episode, she was working on getting joint custody for Isaac. Jenelle is always in some kind of trouble it seems like. She doesn't even watch her own son Jace. Her mom has temporary custody of Jace while Jenelle tries to straighten things out. Jenelle and her boyfriend Kieffer, who isn't Jace's father, are usually struggling to find a place to live. I saw a preview for next weeks episode, the season finale, and it showed Jenelle going to jail.


  1. Really enjoy this show and I agree my favorite is probably Chelsea and Leah!!

  2. I agree with you I don't really like Jenelle, and great blog.

  3. This is a really good show! I agree with who you like and who you dislike as well.

  4. I totally agree with you Erin! I like who you like and dislike as weell!

  5. I love that show!! i liked what you had to say!

  6. I love this show. I like Leah because her twins are so cute and she has over came a lot with breaking up with her boyfriend and now they are getting married. I like her girls' names too.