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Monday, March 28, 2011

Food-Day Four

On Thursday morning I ate a cinnamon tastry which I wait every week for and finally I got to have one and boy was it delicious . Before lunch like almost everyday last week I ate cheese-its which is the best ultimate snack that really hits the spot. For lunch I had chips and cheese with a hot dog but I didn't eat the hotdog I gave it to Karli Hintz and I just ate the bun. I also had a PP&J so lunch was somewhat of a filler. Throughout the day after that I didn't eat to much until I went to Journalism and we had a cake and chip feast, this was probably the best food of the day because I loooove cake. After school I ate some grapes, chips, and buttered bread, I could barely eat supper because of this food, I don't think I did either. Last week was a fun food filled week and overall it was pretty good.

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