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Monday, February 14, 2011

Region Gymnastics

Regions in gymnastics is one of those big things that gets your blood pumping. It is your chance to qualify for state and a chance to prove that you are worthy to compete on team of the 2 day state competition. I can say I was honestly not too extremely nervous going into it. I just told myself to relax and have fun (words of wisdom from my dad). I have found that in gymnastics if your upbeat and not letting anything get to you, you will inevitably do better out on the apparatuses. Over my years of competing, I have learned to take one event at a time, and once the event is over get amnesia and forget about it. I learned all this from my wonderful father, who is the one I go to for everything at gymnastics meets. Going into the meet I was just hoping to make every routine to the best of my ability. All you can ask for in a sport like gymnastics is to do your best and hope that it is good enough. Now to the team aspect of the sport, everyone just needed to do what they had been doing and there wasn't going to be any question of who was going to be number one. The challenge now is seeing what we can do at state! All we really need to do is go out have fun and do what we have been doing all along. I think doing this will be the key in us wanting to win the state title. It all comes down to, though, who has the better day and who is on, on all four events!

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