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Monday, November 1, 2010

Locals (Oral Interp)

Tonight, Monday November 1, is the Local competition for the Oral Interpers of Deuel High School. The meet starts at 4 p.m and is held in the lunch room, there will also be a supper for the interpers and the parents, of pizza and pop. It is a competition that decides who gets to go to the Regional competition. There will be a panel of three judges there to figure out who will be going. One person from each category will be going to the Regional Competition. The categories to go in are prose, poetry, humor, oratory, drama, readers theater, and duo. Since the coaches aren't the judges this year, it really does make it anyone's chance to go. Everyone did a fantastic job at the competition. It was great getting to see everyone's piece, some for the first time ever. It was nice to see all the parents their to support their kids and to see their reactions to their kids' pieces, that they may have also never heard before. All the interpers will get the chance to find out if they made it to regions, Tuesday November 2.

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