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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Suicidal thoughts of Kanye West

Kanye West has just recently admitted to his contemplated thoughts about suicide. He stated that everything has been take away from him. He just recently buried his mother and two other family members within the last three years.
My reaction to this article was that it shocked me and I was surprised that he came to terms about sharing it with the public. Kanye West is a well known rapper and as an outsider you don't think of these things happening to celebrities on a daily basis. To non famous people we think that the famous one's have everything and live the best lives, this is not always true, especially after reading this article on Kanye West. Celebrities also live with doubts and saddened thoughts just like all of us. Some may even deal with a lot more stress for example, having to worrying about paparazzi, knowing the songs, making deadlines on certain things, etc. The stress can build up fast and West reached this point, but he took it to a different level and thought about taking his own life.
Reporters studied his latest song Runaway and realized something wasn't right or wanted to look further into the song. After looking into the song this is what they found, the breaking news about Kanye West considering suicide with his own life.
Kanye West stated that he will not give up on his life again. He spent time in Rome, taking time off of music all together and also trying to avoid the paparazzi. West returned back to the states he ventured to Hawaii for about six months and worked just strictly on his music.
It's always shocking to see how celebrities react to pressure and see how they deal with it. Some deal with it in very bad ways and others cope and handle it well. I feel like this article was interesting to see why he was thinking these thoughts and also what brought him to this dark place to consider this. I also feel like it's important to show that he had the will to step up and confess that he did at one point consider it, but also stating that he won't ever consider these thoughts again.

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