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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences

The first quarter of the 2010 school year has already come to an end. Students, parents, and teachers were all prepared and ready for parent teacher conferences. When it comes to conferences parents go in to see how their kids are doing. Dawn Fritz, mother of Sutton and Sayer Fritz, said “I like going to conferences. It gives the teacher and I a one-on-one conference to discuss anything that needs to be addressed and to talk about the positive things that are happening.” In elementary Mrs. Deb Lessman, 5th grade teacher, got prepared for conferences by running off grade reports, organizing her files, and making notes about students to talk about with parents.

In middle school, students have to go through their grades with their parents and teachers and discuss how they can make their grades or grade better. Dawn Fritz said, “I think it is important that you go to every scheduled conference for your child, because it shows you are interested in your child's education.” When it comes to conferences, some students might feel nervous or they might feel pretty good. Sayer Fritz said, “I feel good about going to conferences because I have good grades.”

In High School going to the conferences is more of an option. When Mr. Gale Lundberg, high school math teacher, gets ready for conferences he looks over the students grades to see who he is concerned about and discusses that with the parent. Laurie TeGantvoort, mother of Paige TeGantvoort, said, “I don't feel the need to go to conferences in high school as long as Paige is getting good grades.” When you hit high school, you have already gone through elementary and middle school conferences Paige TeGantvoort said, “I'm very happy I didn't have to go to conferences because this way you don't have to go if you're getting good grades and doing well in school.”


  1. It's crazy to think that it's already the second quarter of school! This was a well written story. Good job Taylor!

  2. Wonderful story, Taylor. It sure brings back some memories about middle school and elementary.