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Thursday, October 7, 2010

American History Project

Markers and poster boards all helped Mr. Rosdahl's American History class learn about the Indian Wars this week. We have just finished the Civil War and are now switching to the West. We started by learning about the Indian Wars. To do this, each group got a huge poster board and then each group got a specific part of the Indian Wars. For example, my group who consisted of Shelby Rindels, Emily Smith, Abigail Trieb, and myself did The Battle of Little Bighorn. Some of the others were the Sandcreek Massacre and Wounded Knee. After we wrote down what the battle was about from our book, we switched boards. Next, we wrote all the information we could find on the Internet and then we switched again. Our final switch was writing a current event story about that battle. Last, we switched again and presented that poster. Above is Lexi Quail working on her poster.

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