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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Red Cross Stops Work

I just read an article in the Public Opinion about how the Red Cross has moved out of most of Pakistan. The purpose of Red Cross is to bring medical, disaster, and many more resources to a place. I think that them leaving this area is a safe move for them. If the people that are there to help and cure the people in Pakistan, what is the point of them being there? It's like a privilege. You have it, but once someone messes it up it is taken away. I think that it is only fair and reasonable that they move the operations out of the country. They don't want to endanger anymore of their workers and they want to make sure that they have a safe work environment. The people that need the medical attention will be hurting the most. The Red Cross isn't losing anything from this movement. They are just protecting their workers and don't want anymore damage to happen to them. If I was a worker for the Red Cross in Pakistan, I wouldn't feel safe working there. Therefore, I would be working and living in fear, and I wouldn't be working the best to my ability. I would want to be working to the best that I can, so I can think properly on what I need to do. I also think that Pakistan needs to somehow get rid of their violence. It is not a safe place over there. The violence needs to be resolved, so that it is safe for the Red Cross to get back there and perform medical procedures.

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