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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

News Articles-10 years, 50 years, and 100 years ago today

Protest in France-10 years ago today. Here I left the link to a story that I just read about the protest that was in France 10 years ago. This story was about how people were against Le Pen. They didn't want him to get office. The importance of this story is that is was one of the biggest riots in France, ever. I think that it is crazy that, that many people would get together just to protest. You have to have a lot of people in support or against something to have a protest like that. Another crazy thing to think about is how do you get that many people together? I think it's hard for me to think that because there were over 900,000 people against Le Pen and South Dakota has just  over 700,000 people in the whole state! This is important in history because it was a huge riot.

San Francisco Giants  This newspaper article was about the San Francisco Giants and signing on a new player. There are many stories today about people signing with other teams and what the benefits are that they receive. Sports were important to society then and are still important in today's world. I really liked this article because I enjoy baseball very much. This article is in particular about the major league. It is interesting to know what the major league was like back then. I think that baseball was just an important then as it is today. Another thing I found interesting was it talked about who the rookie's were and thinking about how will will never see them play.

No Effort to Re-Insure Ship I just read an article about the Titanic ship that sank 100 years ago. This story was about how they are going to have a hearing on what happened. This was a good story in all but it was written a while ago and it wasn't in a format that I could easily understand. They spoke and wrote differently compared to how we talk and write now a days. I really liked this story because I like the Titanic a lot and it was interesting to me to read about it in a newspaper article because of the accuracy newspaper give out. I could've read this story on a website, it could've been made up on the website. I know for sure that it was a legit article because it was written in the paper. Also it was fascinating to know that there was a hearing about the ship sinking.

Times have changed quite a bit. One hundred years ago society wrote and spoke differently than we do today. I think that time changes very quickly. If you look back even five years ago you just think about how much things have changed. An example is cell phones. Five years ago most people had flip cell phones and not a lot of people had texting. Now you look around today and there are lots of people with smart phones and texting. That is just one way time has changed. How we access news stories now a days is way different than how we did in the past. Before you had to wait for the paper to come out and be printed. Today we can look on the internet.

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