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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Music Contest.

(This is a picture of the Milbank High School.)

Today, the Deuel School Choir and Band students headed of to Milbank. The band kids had to leave the school at 7:00am, but be at the school at 6:45am. I think that if I was a band kid and had to get up at that time, I would not be the happiest camper. I am not much of a morning perosn, so it was nice that I could wake up at the normal time to get ready and shower and all that stuff. The Choir kids, including me and Delaney, had to leave the school at 8:00am. Not as bad at the band kids. We arrived at the Milbank High School just 30 minutes before we had to preform. We all went into a practice room to sing threw the songs. They sounded wonderful. We were all very confident that we would do a great job singing today. After we finished singing out 3 songs, which were..."The Lord is my Shepard","Gaelic Blessing", and last but not least, "Hold On", we waited for a judge to come down and tell us how we had done. We were all very shocked to hear what he had to say. The first thing out of his mouth was, "You all sounded so surprisingly wonderful!". I do have to admit that I was very proud of our school for receiving such a nice comment from a judge. The judge then told us that his favorite song was "The Lord is my Shepard". I would love to go again next year and get as good as comments from the judges that we did this year!

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