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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Graduation speech.

Today we watched a video were J.K.Rolling gave a commencement speech at Harvard school. When we were first told about this video I can honestly say that I was not to excited about it. After it started and she was cracking jokes here and there, it seemed like it was something that could really get my attention. By the time that she started about being a gay wizard I was completely hooked! I loved the way that she went along from making jokes to getting in the first main topic of her speech and that was Benefits of failure. I know, it seems a little weird to have one of a speakers main points be about failure, but I know now, that she knew exactly what she was talking about. She talked about how it was okay to fail once and awhile. I really liked how she made her speech personal. One way that she made her speech personal was by talking about her collage experiences. How she knew what she wanted to do, and how she felt like she belonged when she wrote novels. She is one the best speakers that I have ever heard. Another thing that made her speech so amazing, and personal is that she talked about how she was just like everybody else, and she struggled with money just like everybody else. I could really relate to her and her speech when she started talking about how her family never really supported her with her dreams of becoming a writer. I do not want to become a writer, but what I do want to do does not really bring a lot of money. I have heard over and over that I shouldn't do it, that I will fail if I try, and it was really nice to finally hear from somebody that I should actually go for my dreams and that even if I fail, I can not only learn from failing, but you can not live with out failing.

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