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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drug lords turn to the classified

This article is about how people are setting a trap in the classified ads. They are listing ads in the newspaper. The people that respond to the ad go to the meeting place and they are told to walk back home across the border. The people that respond think that it's a real job interview. San Diego is where this is happening. ICE put an ad in the Tijuana paper warning people about the false advertisements. I think that it is good that they are stopping people from smuggling drugs. I still think that it's also going to be a problem. People that are desperate to have drugs will go to extreme measures to get and to distribute the drugs. There is a small percentile that get off the addiction with drug. Those people are the ones that usually get jail time and decide to turn their life around. The other percent is still going to smuggle. They are trying to do everything that they can to get the drugs. I think that the U.S. border control is working each and every day to stop smugglers. They try to catch as many as possible, but they don't end up getting all of them. It is just such a mess. One day, maybe just one day there will be a world where no one is smuggling. I know that probably won't happen but it's worth a try. I also think that it's good that the U.S. is doing something about it. The smuggling happens mostly along the Mexico/United States border.

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