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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Black and White Photos

I would have to say that I like the B&W photo more then the color photo because they black and white really makes me want to think what was going on in our minds while taking this picture.
I like the B&W photo again for this because the colored photo is sort of dull looking.
I like the colored picture more then the B&W photo because it really seems to capture the emotion and the moment that we were having.
I like the colored photo better then the B&W photo because the colors from being outside are absolutely beautiful!
I like B&W photo more then the colored photo because it takes away all of the uneven colors in my face.
These are the photos that I chose to show you. The reason why I picked this photos is because I wanted to get a variety to see what they would look like in color and B&W.
I would have to say that I love with the photos look like when they are in black and white, but only when they are inside photos. The reason why I like color pictures when they are taken outside is because of all of the color differences.

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  1. Which images do you like better in black and white and which do you like better in color?