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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Realtors Targeted

Realtors are target in Northeast South Dakota. They are targeted because of a phone scam. The phone scam begins with an individual calling real estate brokers claiming to be from China, planning to move to the area and having interest in a property listed by the agency. The caller asks the broker to hold the property for him and sends a check for $15,000 to the agency. After a few days had passed, the agency received the check, the scam artist calls the agent and claims to have a personal issue that will prevent him from moving and requests a refund on his $15,000 deposit.
In my opinion, I don't think that the scam person from China should get his money back it was his own fault for calling them and telling them that he was interested in a property listed by the agency. I think it's a bunch of bull if they do decide to give him his money back. I think that he was just playing them and just trying to get his way into something that could be very dangerous to the agency. He does not deserve his money back at all. It was all his fault for doing that.

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