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Monday, January 2, 2012

new semester! new year! new start!

Hey this is me! My name is Kelly, middle name Colleen, last name Vande Brake! I am 15 years old and i have not to short, not to long, blonde hair! My teeth aren't very straight, my smile is a little crooked and my laugh is a little bit to loud but its the way that god made me! God has blessed me with a nice large family! I have 2 sisters, and 3 brothers! I also have the most amazing boyfriend that any girl could ever ask for! His name is Braydn Alvin Pomrenke. He is 16 years old, and goes to Deuebrook school. My parents names are Troy and Rachel.
This year for christmas my family and I went up to a cabin that we own that is in Northern Minnesota. I was surprised to find out that my amazing boyfriend Braydn, would be joining us there! I got to spend all 6 days with him. There was no snow at all at my cabin until the two days before we left, but we still tried to make the most out of it. Since it was news years week, my parents were not home very much and it was most my boyfriend and my little brother that hung out with me. I have recently discovered that i am very good at the X-Box games, Call of Duty and MW3. After we left the cabin it was a five and a half an hour drive back home to South Dakota were my boyfriend surprised me yet again, by giving me a shirt he bought me and told me to get ready because I was going to his house for his family christmas party. It was a good time and I tried be happy and nice so that they would like me.
So that is how my Christmas vacation went. I could not ask for anything more! I am so blessed by god!

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  1. You sure had an exciting and unexpected Christmas vacation! Glad to have you back in class!