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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Semesters Already?

This week I will be blogging and writing a story about Government and Economy semester test. When I get ready to write my stories I write down about ten to fifteen questions to ask people. So for this story I will ask questions to the seniors. I will try to get a few different people maybe four total. I will ask a boy and a girl from Economy and a girl and a boy from government. I will also ask Mr. Rosdahl a few questions to get his point of view on the semester tests. I am not sure if the classes will be doing a project or an actual test. I think that it would be fair if the seniors did not have to take any tests. This story will be an ok story to write because there will be a lot of information to cover.

My favorite part about blogging is that I have a chance to say what I feel. I think that writing a story is a good idea and this week I will enjoy the story that I am writing because I will get a chance to find out some information about what the seniors are doing their last week.

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