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Monday, May 23, 2011

Busting People for making drugs.

I read on the Keloland news website about how the Sioux Falls police is wanting people to be on the look out for a new way people are making meth. It stated this is what you should be looking for, police say this manufacturing process involves a pop bottle or 32-ounce bottle. Sometimes two kinds of liquid are used in the same bottle but are separated out with one on top of the other. You may also see pellets in the bottom of the bottle or notice tubes coming out of it. Police say smell isn't as big of an indicator with the newer process.
I think that this is a good idea and a bad idea that the police are wanting people to look out for this way to make meth. Its a good way because it helps get those people off the street that make it. Its also bad though because if people figure out how to make it they probably won't tell the police and just start making it themselves.

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