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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 2010-2011 school is coming to an end!

With the school year coming to an end there is semester test. We have some kind of final in every class. The test and projects are a big impact on your grade! For my first hour of the day there is homeroom which there wouldn't be a test for that. Then for second hour I will be having a test. In biology we take a vocab test over all the words that we learned this semester. I kinda study for this test by looking over all the old vocab quizzes. After that I will have a break because I have study hall third hour. For my forth hour class, literary analysis, we are doing our projects early so we don't have to come in during the testing hour. We are doing a small group project along with two essay questions. The good thing about this is Mr. Gudmundson gives us a list of options to choose from. We will be presenting them today, May 18th. After that I have fifth hour and during that time I will be taking a Geometry Test. This test will have basically everything from the semester. I don't really study for this test because I already understand most of it so I just go in and take that test and hopefully pass! Those test will all be taken on Wednesday of testing. On Thursday I have a few more test. To start the day off I go to Comp/ Speech and in that class we arn't really taking a test. Instead we will be giving speeches but we don't what the speeches are over yet. After that I go to Geography. For that class we are doing a project. We were given this yesterday and if you get it done by the testing time and have it graded then you don't have to come in for that test. I am doing my semester project on the Philippines. After that I have my last hour of the day, Journalism. For this class we have to do a portfolio and also a story.

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