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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teach Me How To Fly Fish

On July 10-15 the St. Pauls Youth Group will be headed to the Black Hills to an out doors camp. We are going to AMR Adventures where our group gets to pick what we want to do. I think that we should go horse back riding and fly fishing. I really think that these two activities will be the most fun. We can also go kayaking and that is how we can get our showers in. Rumor has it that we only get one shower for the five days that we are there. I am kind of worried about that because who wants to be smelly. There is also no electricity which worries me and Shelby Rindels because we like to have communication with our moms. We like to let them know that we are safe. To prevent our phones form dying me and Shelby will be bringing our crank radios with the charger slots to keep our phones charged in case of an emergency. All of the food there is grilled over an open fire. Now this I might like! I love food and well who doesn't and grilled food is always amazing. We will be taking a van down. Im sure that this will be an eventful trip! I am very excited.

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