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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweeter Rice Crispy Bars

Desserts are my best food friends. They can always put a smile on someone's face! Last night I made my all time favorite, chocolate covered strawberries. They were my dad and I's little midnight snack. I also made rice crispy bars but with fruity pebbles. They are surely sweeter than regular rice crispy bars. They take like 20 minutes not even to make. First you melt the butter in a pot on a low temperature(I've burnt butter before when I was younger and it doesn't smell good,trust me). Once the butter is melted, put in a full package of marshmellows, big or small. I think the small marshmellows melt faster and easier than the bigger ones but both work. So let them melt and then take it off your burner. Now add six cups of your cereal. Take the cereal covered in your marshmellows to a pan and evenly spread them out. Wait until they are cooled down to cut them. Now enjoy! Since I blogged about cupcakes and rice crispy bars this week here's a rice crispy cupcakes recipe if you click here.
They were a great treat this morning in homeroom with Mr. Lundberg!