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Thursday, April 28, 2011


It seems odd that we have already received our semester project for Spanish. I suppose this just means that it has to be amazing! I know the reason we got it so early was because there is a lot of information we have to write about, but it's just odd. Anyways, lets talk about what the project is. This project is all about ourselves, and it basically is our life story. The whole story and even into your future plans. We have to put in there when we were born, and where. Then move into our families and friends. We also need to put in our hobbies and the things that we like to eat. This project, to use our technology skills, has to be done on the computer, using some sort of multimedia program. We got to look at different sights where we could make videos and there were a lot of good ones. I think I am going to choose to do mine in iMovie just because I know how to use that program. I think my project will be nicer with a program that I actually know how to use. I have started on it yet, because the first thing that I want to do is find my pictures. I think that this will be the easiest thing to do. I need to get a good grade on this project so that I can bring up my grade in that class. I really want to end on a really good note this year, so I suppose we will see how it goes.

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  1. I really am anxious to see some follow up of this story. I think that projects are a great way for students to showcase their talents!